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Emphysema and Asbestosis

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I was diagnosed with C.O.P.D. In 1996 (Emphysema) and Aspestosis In 2000, Im on 2 liters of oxygen 24/7.

My question or questions are to whomever may have a clue.

I was always active in several sports , e g, baseball, softball, tennis, cycleing and most prevelint, swimming. Ive always maintained a consistant weight ,Ive always had the ability to hold my breath for long periods of time ,under water.

I began smoking in moderation when I was 24 years old, Then became a pack a day smoker at about 30 years of age, but at that time I switched to menthal cigarettes.

IS THERE ANY DOCUMENTED EVIDENCE THAT MENTHOL HAS A GREATER AFFECT ON ONE'S HEALTH THAN REGULAR CIGARETTES ?ANDIs It somehow related to my past abilities of perhaps stretching my lung tissue with my breath holding, and finally , with all of the research going on around the world, why can't someone invent a device that would work for the lungs as a pacemaker works for the heart ???

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    • a couple things.

      and a couple reasons.

      Menthol cigarettes have added chemicals. I doubt it's documented, but I wouldn't put it past that they might be a LITTLE worse for you, but this is like the difference between cigarettes being better for you than cigars -- it's not like you could get a public health warning out because regular cigarettes kill people anyway.

      I doubt your COPD is related to your breath-holding, as breath-holding very rarely results in barotrauma, which is what you're talking about, with the hyperextending of the lungs.

      A pacemaker for the heart works by delivering an electronic signal to one of the pacemaker nodes in the heart (like the sinoatrial node or the bundle of His) that mimicks the automatic electronic signal generated by the heart when it is healthy. In order to make a pacemaker for the lungs it would have to be wired into the respiratory center in the brain, which is actually four seperate centers. There is a voluntary breathing center and an involuntary breathing center, a center that prevents barotrauma by keeping you from inhaling past capacity and a center responsible for the FVC maneuver. A pacemaker for the lungs would be pointless, as someone who's braindead to the point where their respiratory drive (whether hypercapnic drive or hypoxic drive) is absent, the rest of their brain activity would be pretty much gone too.

      The only way to ensure co-ordinated breaths would be to administer positive-pressure ventilation via endotracheal or tracheostomy tube (as masks can result in volume loss with leakage and cannot be used for long periods of time) with a ventilator in a control mode.

      In simpler terms, I don't understand your question.

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