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Ok, here is my deal, I am a 40 year old, overwitght male. I am quite inactive and usually get out of breath with exertion. I quite smoking, but only smoked 10 years 1/2 pack a day. Yesterday I go to my doctor and take the Spirometry test as part of a routine exam. I had to brathe into the thing 3 times hard, and then another 3 times after a shot of the inhaler. I think it was supposed to be for 8 seconds which I thought was a bit hard to complete......Well I peeked at the printout and it said something to the folowing " SEVERE PULMONARY OBSTRUCTION" Well I freaked out....My doctor said dont worry about it and give it another try in a few minutes. This time I blew my guts out, lol...I did better, I dont remember the exact phrase but it was also abnormal but said "POSSIBLE" something or another....My doctor said dont worry about it, this is obviously not "me" Acccording to the first test I was breating like a 90 year old man. doctor told me that it takes his Asthma patients several visits on this machine before they learn how to properly use it, lol...he said dont sweat it, We can try again next month. when I questioned him about the print outs diagnosis he said that the computer cant diagnose me only he can by looking at the values. He said " You dont need an inhaler" -all this jarred my memory, about 10 years ago I had this test done by another doctor, although I did not have the privilidge of reading the print out, he basically told me "its normal, but in the LOW range of normal, so stop smoking"......I am scarred to death that I have COPD - I would like people opinions about this

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    • One other point, interestingly I did WORSE after I took the inhaler
      #1; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 00:53:00 GMT
    • I don't know what COPD is, but it sounds like you have to get in better phyiscal shape before you start worrying so much. Your doctor isn't worried.

      Did you quit smoking everything?

      ok, I know what COPD is now.

      #2; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 00:54:00 GMT
    • Hi, there. You've got to start exercising...get your body in shape...then go back and take that test again. You probably did poorly on the breathing test, because you're so out of shape. Everything is connected...what we do affects us in many ways. Do what you can to get in shape; then go back and see what happens with the test. Its no use worrying about it till you make some positive changes...Good luck..Debbie

      P.S. Exercising is actually nice: it relieves stress; and its such a positive thing to do.

      #3; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 00:55:00 GMT
    • Yes I think you are correct.....And I havent smoked a cig since that test, nor do I have any desire or urge to smoke :)

      I agree, I think I need to get into shape and retry the test. Its been 3 days since I stoped smoking and the morning flem I had in my chest is completely gone and no more wheezing

      #4; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 00:56:00 GMT
    • How does one know from the spirometry results weather its COPD or ASTHMA? I mean, my first one said severe obstruction, then i blew harder and second one was better. The doctor said, "dont worry, you dont need an inhaler" -so what would asthma v COPD show differenty? I guess I am scarred to deathe of COPD, it seems like a deathe sentence, I mean, doesnt EVERYONE with COPD EVENTUALLY wind up on oxygen and then die from this disease?
      #5; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 00:57:00 GMT
    • It's comforting to know others obtain low readings as I have the past 2 years. I was referred to a Pulmanologist for a"spot" on my right lung which turned out to be scaring from an old infection. Had bronchitis a couple of years ago, a Pulmanary Spiromotry Test was performed & was dangerously LOW. (remembering way...back 10 or so years ago, a similar test was done at my local Dr. office while having similar chest congestion...showed too low, see Dr. now...I ignored & left & never thought about it again...I was younger then!!). Now, I have these spriomotry tests done every 6 months...It's always low. Pulmanologist states it's "like an asthma type obstruction". I have Azmacort inhaler for it. Well, now I think I can't get my breath, cough a lot, have phlegm in throat & go nuts worrying about it. I never had a problem before I had this computerized test done which shows where I'm supposed to be for my height & weight & was about 1/2 the way to it. I bought a peak-flow meter at the drugstore for about 16.00. You take a deep breath & blow as hard as you can. Normal is somewhere between 400 to 550. My age,height,weight should be 425, well, I'm lucky to get it to 300 most days. I keep doing it till I'm dizzy, however, sometimes I can get it up to 400, not very often. Most of the time it's 250-325. I think this is just "normal" for me. I was told by another MD, if you were told you have obstruction, it can be treated, restriction is another problem, still treatable however. So me too on this one, I'm getting very anxious about this & the more I try to breathe normal the worse it gets. I also have chronic nose dripping which perhaps plays some part in this whole thing. Any comments appreciated. TNX :) :)
      #6; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 00:59:00 GMT
    • What am I doing that shows the edit? I only previewed my post before submitting?
      #7; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 00:59:00 GMT
    • Hey Kobek, in answer to your question re: if diagnosis was after being medicated, I refuse to take albuterol or any such inhalent as I have an irregular heart rhythm problem for which I take 2 heart meds. These inhaled drugs cause pounding/irregular heart beats in a normal heart, so I just get the first (best of 3) reading & go with that. I doubt at all if I did inhale albuterol it would show a significant change in the outcome. So in answer to your question, my low readings are without an inhalent. I am a female at a normal weight for my age :yawn: Also, thanks for the tip of reading the printout, my tech always ships it off to the Dr. so I've never had it in hand. I go the 24th so I will insist on reading it. I can be very demanding when it comes to MY health concerns. As I write this I have so much "stuff" in my throat I keep clearing in hopes of getting a good deep breath. I dwell too much on the process of breathing lately. Well, good luck to you & I would not be surprised if you keep off the cigs, your lung capacity will improve. I was a smoker, have been off for (oh my gosh 23 years). Dr. says, if you've ever smoked, as we AGE, the lung damage is still there, it deteriorates at a faster pace than a non-smoker in the aging process. I'm sure what you are looking at would be obstruction vs. restriction, as restrictive lung disease would be "caused" from some lung disease, which you've not demonstrated to this point. Let's try not too worry too much about it. God Bless :angel:
      #8; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 01:01:00 GMT
    • yes Jackie, definately read the impression on the bottom of the printout. I find it amazing how Icould take the test 3 times in a 20 minute period and go frm SEVERE OBSRUCTION to NORMAL SPIROMETRY

      All this tells me is, the test is EXTREAMLY FLAWED

      #9; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 01:01:00 GMT